Female Power

Whispers and politeness try to seep into this fire. 
A female born into a world of prescriptions, 
each written out by tenuous hands, 
hoping the pen and violations
will be enough to silence.

My allegiance has never been 
more solidly aligned to my sex, 
those rogue females who left 
the oppressive contents 
of the gender script, 
risen from ashes, 
secretly despised 
by those who claim liberation.

Because I hold onto my wild heart, 
and the intellect I have acquired 
on my own account, 
passed down from the female unseen, 
coldly placed on a shelf, 
and burned.

Regardless, I always have access to this 
Myself, whole and human 
I remain to dance
Reminding you of a time 
All those centuries
of female divine recognition, 
honoring of those born, 
innate power of her sex.
She needn’t adorn but for herself, 
heals firm to ground, 
ancient reminder 
in this menses thirsty world, 
of her sacred sovereignty.

Have you forgotten? 
Domination and gender were written
to fit neatly together. 
Created by an easily threatened class, 
held firmly in place 
by green bills used to name your worth. 
Shake one and you shake the other 
Dismantling the collaboration.
And these things are less powerful than you, 
who was created by females. 
You who are the primal lineage 
that inspires both envy and awe.

For too long only envy saw you. 
But I see you in full. 
I see the woman who baffles the norms 
and threatens the bills, 
Watched when you tore open the sky
and drank into your heart. 
I see the woman who cuts her boundaries clean 
with words 
while caring for the dying and young. 
I see you doing the work, 
yet valued less for it by those
who name you Crazy 
fearing your intuition, 
your unfettered passion.

But they who lessen, measure
have surely gone mad, 
cut dry to the bone by a linear system 
that skims only surfaces
While you are rich and from the roots 
of everything lasting. 
You are the one who is emulated 
and then told how to act, 
what to say 
and how to be cool.

You keep on with your head high, 
heart open 
and sometimes feel alone in that place 
How rare to fiercely be unto oneself.
But I see you clearly, 
invoke the circle that holds you. 
Never forget to ask for me 
when you are alone on that mountain top. 
I am there, 
always when you ask.

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