Smoke filled rafters
Peripheral vision
Life bulbs flash
The bell rings

It’s the fight
Of a lifetime
My lifetime
I sweat…

Keep your jab up
Use a left and right cross
On that thing opposing you
A giant GORILLA called LIFE!

Filled with jobs and deadlines
Bigger bills and thieving taxes
Gridlock plus plastic people
Talk and even more talk…

ENOUGH of those mouths!
Time to measure the metal
Put up your damn dukes
And Stick’em FIGHTER!

Zero option to be a bum
No exit but to push hard
Show’em what you got
And Give’em HELL!

Winning worth having
Never ever came easy
So, fighter… FIGHT!
And remember…

Always keep
Your jab


Designs By The Mr. Frank (aka Frank Varela)

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