Fill Your Heart Instead with Love

Why busy yourself worrying over life?
Your heart so filled with pain and strife?
“What could be, what would be…”
Everything will be alright!
Fill your heart instead with love;
Stay yourself open to deeper skies!

Fame, fortune, future, desire…
Why worry over such silly-some things?
Don’t you know what tomorrow so brings?
A new day to love
So gather yourself, untie those soul-knot strings!

“Don’t worry, be happy!”
(Words of the wise)
Don’t seek to despise
(All those knots to untie?)
Hold truth before lies
(Love’s silliest guise)
Unmask yourself!

Seek love!
But don’t just seek it,
Believe it!
Don’t just believe it,
Be it!
Don’t just be it,
Surpass it!
For what is higher than love,
Than love beyond love,
And beyond even further still?
So far beyond!

Love undefined
Love all the time
Love for hearts blind
Love through the dime
Love so sublime

(It’s that easy!)

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