Filtered Imperfection

for me it’s time to look inside, and start on my reflection….

You never see unless you look
 The trouble and the strife
 Some share share share
 Without restraint
 Whilst for others, it’s just Life

Getting on and getting by
 Seems rather boring and mundane
 So online profiles and Instagram
 Is a chance to get away

Judging just on what you see
 Lacks perspective and insight
 Baring what’s in your soul
 For many is a fight

Where comments build with bitter words
 And trolls hide in plain sight
 We overdose on this consumption
 And throw away our lives

I don’t want to spend my time
 Reading between the lines
 Where confrontation beats conversation
 And success is based on likes

It’s a sad reflection on modern lives
 This filtered imperfection
 So for me it’s time to look inside
 And start on my reflection

So once a week does it for me
 No more hours lost in keeping-up
 It’s all about my sanity
 Ignoring the emojis, with a bit of luck

I’ll take a walk or a seat
 or write a poem or two
 I’ll talk to strangers
 Read a book
 That’s me, So what about You?

Originally published at on August 30, 2017.

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