For J., On Falling Again

A Sonnet

Photo by Thanh Tran on Unsplash

You put your heart to sleep, buried the spark
 that flashed like flame before the Reaper dropped;
accustomes to the pulseless heavy start
 that filled your heart when all the planet stopped.

Bedecked in widows’ webs, bent low in grief,
 time comes to fill your chest like novocaine,
so petrified with the holy belief
 that searching out new love brings certain pain.
But pain is everywhere: memory, joy,
 two lovers touching, chaste as winter snow.
Behold the echo of the breathing boy
 transformed by love, lit with a lively glow.

And then from black, a spark! You dream a song
 but singing hurts too much. Your lover’s gone.

Zach J. Payne – poet, playwright, and YA author. Follow along on his adventures.