For U

Well let my heart sing your name
I ain’t fighting it anymore nor I am ashamed
there’s nothing more beautiful than acknowledgement
the recognition of one’s feelings instead of abatement 
fear isn’t the master of me anymore
You taught me to be free of all injustice’s gore
with just your touch
your love burns me like a sweet blowtorch 
dangerous for sure but I want you near
dedicated to your lips’ presence here.

Babe I got nothing
I know it was just one night
a night in which you made me feel alright
my mind ceases to look for bright answers
your kisses rocked me under the bleachers
as everything races
as you took control of my soul’s grace

Tonight I am drunk of you 
listening to your favorite tunes
hoping that within the imminent distance 
you still feel my lusty glance
the one that drew you to my body
as the rest that followed became a sweet sexual symphony.

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