“For When You Think…”

An angel met a girl and they said:
“You think you’re alive, but you’re dead
For when you dream, you drift off but in bed
What a life to have lived in your head”

Confused, the girl cried out in pain
“You needn’t cry now, it shan’t rain
All passes, all parts, all the same
Only love will so last, shall remain”

The girl asked, she pleaded, she begged
“For when you drift, you sway, star-legged
Against tides, time to go, far away
O’er there, do you see, your new day?”

In life she was sad and alone
Would death be the same, her new home?
The angel smiled, they said, they proclaimed:
“For when you think you’re not much, think again
The worthless on Earth are God’s treasures
He loves them beyond distance, and all measures
If you cannot so find what you see
Beyond, go away, oh be free”

And so she swam, she floated God’s sea
Where all shall e’er last, and e’er be 
At last such clouds had been opened
Awakened, star-lids, love unspoken

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