Forever Young

“Would you like to live forever?”

he asked and took my hand

and suddenly the world stood absolutely still

and only flashing lights

and burning lashes

and stars were raining from the sky

I said I wondered whether sometimes

even poets left their hearts to cry

So do you want the beauty pattern

lie down upon your crystal skin

or do you want the “now or never”

or do you want the crimson sin

or maybe you would like to never

set eyes upon my face again

and I would get it

sure the dagger

went through my back

but I pretend

and I pretend I never saw you

on other streets

in silver light

I can pretend I never wanted

to stroke your arm

covered by night

I can pretend I never pictured

your shredded skin

in sheds of grey

untidied bedrooms

where we could have

forgotten what we never dared to say

and my pretense will be so flawless

you’d never catch me on the loose

I’ll walk in dresses made of raindrops

it will be something close to truce

So do you want to live forever

your answer first I dare to ask

another day and it will wither

with my perfumes and dreaded tasks

let’s burn our constant


so fearful only youth can thrive

it’s only sweet if ‘tis in hours

of loneliness

we catch the tide

so no I think my answer’s drilling

into your mindful,

daring glance

I would not like to live forever

but I will take that one last dance

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