Forgiveness (39)


wonderful, exuberant, crazy, incomprehensible.

She gives herself to you,

she burst love through her skin,

carefully, endearing fragrance of longing.

stones and sand castles

one can see in her eyes, blue.

she forgives and forgets, she believes and hopes,

as long as love is her home.

she takes you into her veins,

walking through them, incessantly.

Knelt down she kisses your steps, caresses your face.

you’re the idol from her mind, and the god of her soul.

and she believes and forgives.

until one day when the gate closes.

Yet she still believes,

vertical thought on a shabby thread.

Writing a poem a day for 1 year. This is lucky number 39. Thanks for reading. Feel free to share it. Find me also on Twitter @ElaRoxStefan.

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