Experience or possession?
Recognition or relationship?
Fancy dinners or hawker’s tea by the sea?
Late night drive or early morning jogs?
Living in a room or living out of a suitcase?
Comfortable life on a mortgage or an uncomfortable debt free life?
Greed or gratitude?
Stress or calmness?
Commotion or sereneness?
Luxury or a life in simplicity?
Sophisticated smiles or hearty laughs?
Love or meaningless flirting?
Mindfulness or mindlessness?
Rich in power or rich in peace?
Rich in wealth or rich in value?
Strong enough for love or are you going to jizz it out to porn?
Pursuing passion or letting that out to chance?
Your love, bound by limitations or bound by the synergy you share?
Making time to make money or making money to make time?
A frown in a Ferrari or a full smile in a farm?
All out hugs or crisp handshakes?
Ready to recognize your being or ready to numb those vibes for the sake of society?
Individuality or conformity?
Life, a delusion or an aberration?

Are you the artist of your life or are you the connoisseur?
Are you a player or are you an observer?
Are you going to take away or are you going to learn to cook?
Are you going to live or are you going to judge?
Are you going to sing or are you going to swoon to someone else’s song?
Are you going to live freely or freely live?

Do you want a rich life or a rich lifestyle?