Freida Kahlo Came to Tea

(Fiesta Del Té)

©2017 annie fahy Freida K.

Freida Kahlo came to tea
She asked for a Ginseng blend
She a sat a while and talked to me
Smoked a cigarette that did not end.

She talked of clothes and drama
Diego and the rest
She spoke without a comma
Though her voice was never stressed.

Her face became still and queer
Her body suddenly weak
Her right eye made one shiny tear
That wandered down her cheek.

Freida rose to leave my rooms
Left a circle on the chair
Petals and colors from the blooms
That fell from her black hair.

The tea had lost its flavor
The cigarette burned out
This visit made me braver
Extinguished fear and doubt.

Freida left a poem for me
And a postcard on my shelf
And now alone I make the tea
Eyes focused on myself.

©2017 Annie Fahy


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