Gentle Man

He is driven by thoughts
While I keep on thinking about him

He can tell anything
While I am bounded by words

He can shout his heart out as he likes
While I have never been able to utter as I like till date
He can cry his heart out as he likes
While I have been blocked by age

He can laugh all alone
While my mouth has never arched a bit
He has no one around
Yet he keeps on talking
I have people uncountable
Yet no one to talk

Everyone says he’s lame 
I keep on thinking 
He can do as he pleases
While I forgot what my heart desires anymore

Unbounded is how he lives
While invisibly chained myself
Much he has lived his life 
I am yet to live an instant

But he is mad person, my friend
You : A Gentle Man
Doesn’t suit you say so

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