When words just chase each other’s tails

frightened rabbits in mental jails

Gnawing at the wire cage

Running from some rabid rage

So scratch at walls with bloody nails

But words must out as bards will tell

My ledger bears a heavy weight

Accounts of old wrongs in dusty crates

Rights, when dawdling, who came too late

This ledger sits inside my chest

A morbid brooding party guest

I’d wish that ledger go away

But in my chest he stubborn stays

This ledger full of rabbit words

Dark pools that need not be disturbed

Prickly poisons strangely stirred

Plaintive cries I barely heard

The song of melancholy birds

Oceans boiling, psychic beasts

Seas I want to visit least

Waves crash along that fearful coast

Whose fog reveals my lovely ghost

That presence now I miss the most

The ghost that is, the she that was

magic bound in all she does

A ghost I lost in crashing waves

When winds tore trees in crazy raves

Ghost consumed in fiery rains

A ghost of that ghost yet still remains

Spirit of a thousand trees

Fairies riding bumblebees

My ledger sings of fairy ghosts

The song of skies with stormclouds host

The song I fear and love the most

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