photo from Pixabay by EDITAU

Girl With The black Dress

Remember seeing you for the first time
you had your black dress on
running around, acting busy
pretending you didn’t notice
that I had noticed 
your presence so angelic
and that smile so charming 
I’ve never had this kind of feeling before
Intoxicating! I need more!

Is this a dream come true?
am I living in a fantasy?

what can I do, my pretty
am falling hard for you?
how do I know, my pretty
if you feel the way I do?

We are sitting in the spot
I put my arms around your waist
you say I am the best
your voice makes me melt
I don’t need anything else
I’ve come to see love’s face
and it’s as beautiful as it’s said

sometimes dreams do come true
fantasies can be reality too

what should I do, my pretty
to make you pleased?
how will I know, my pretty
if this is eternity?

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