Gloria Dei

Dream within dream
Within dream
What is her loveliest love?
What is known of her highest peak?
We seek each other “here”
We seek more others “there”
She seeks us out through everywhere

What of her truest truth?
Lifetime after lifetime
Deeper we dwell
Dreams innumerable
All while her love guides us here
Through great labyrinths
Across mystic divides
Wherein dreams spiral infinity
Dusty mirrors
Made to appear so before us
Granular reflections

What of that perfect dreamer
Her warmest smile?
What of that gorgeous sleeper
Her most tender kiss?
Trapped, perhaps,
Our freedom lies with her
Outside this duality we see
Beyond limits of nightmares
Within nightmares
Struggles and triumph
Victories and failure
Endless divides
Chaotic futures
Pasts unforeseen
Nether worlds, aether worlds
Planes and spheres 
Outnumbering the stars

All from love
Her great love for us
Through which fire burns
Unto its wispy death
May be revealed such an ocean
Driving even the most callous shell 
The most forlorn afterthought 
Into her arms 
Which they’d never left

Such is the great illusion
How silly her game
But how fun it is!
To fall in love with eternity
Over and over again

What of that greatest dreamer
And we, her silly dream?
What of that most glorious love
And we,
Her simple lovers?
Pawns to a game that can only end 
In a single, undeniable fashion:

Love beyond love
Peace beyond peace
Forever beyond forever
And a dance to be enjoyed
Long after time itself has ceased to be
Her kiss will last us infinitely so
So infinitely that infinity itself
Will be lost 
By glaze of her lips

Oh sweet queen of heaven
How kept are we between your tears
And the warmth of your bosom
Against which may we lay at rest
In your perpetual embrace

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