God’s Secret Place

An old man judging from the sky?
A wish granting fairy to deny?

Why preach and beg up on high?
A waste of time! 
Love twinkling in thy neighbor’s eye
Can’t spare a dime?

We cry and moan for what we see
Ignoring each other’s tears and pleads
We search for God but cannot find
Blinded by our want of mind

A bearded fellow who condemns and hates?
Who favors few among those he makes? 

Our idea of God is narrow indeed
We seek outside from what we need
Can’t you feel the love that’s there?
God’s secret place — everywhere!

Heaven or Hell the only fates?
Eternal fire for one’s mistakes?

God is love, can’t you tell?
Ignore they who proclaim the burning hell!
We alone can choose to be
Love, forgiveness — the eternal creed!

We ignored Krishna when he came
Buddha fared better, but all the same
Jesus arrived for all to hear
We listened for a while, words lost to fear

Christ the idea — more than a man!
To embody love and surrender demand
The more we want the more we are
Deaf to truth both near and far

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