Good and Decent Humans

Why so hard
To simply be
A good and decent
Human being?

We have wants
We have needs
We get hungry
Then get greedy
We are selfish
And we’re jealous
We have more
Then we have less

We get hurt
And feel pain
We’re suspicious
And afraid
When we’re shunned
Or abandoned
We are spiteful
Though we pray

Always sizing
Always gauging
Other’s faults
Other’s strengths
Then we’re vengeful
’Cause we’re never
Never ever
Good enough.

Good enough? But for whom?

For whomever,
No one knows;
We are fools
We are fools.

But our hearts, though,
If we listen,
Won’t they guide us
To be decent?
To be good?

Ah, our hearts…

Our hearts break
’Cause we’re human
We get hurt
And feel pain
Then we’re suspicious
And afraid
Now we’re vengeful
Now we hate.

Oh, so bleak!

Yes, it’s bleak.

What’s the point?

Point of what?

Of all this? Of all life?

Just to live…
Just live, is all — 
Perhaps one day
One day, one day
We shall find out.

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