“Good” Citizen

From Google

They want us to be “good” citizens
just sit here in an endless moment of zen
not cry out loud against systematic oppression
just lie here naked, brimming scars awash in oblivion

They want us to stop talking
“life’s good” they say, regardless of the color of your skin
they want us to believe that it’s all in our heads
meanwhile, everything wrong materializes ahead

They want us to be “good” citizen
shut up, do the work, happiness pretend
He shouted “vote for me, you have nothing to lose”
now we’ve realized that we’ve been all screwed

They want us to not stand 
as they slowly try to kill
all that we fought for, even our existence they try to steal
but as “good’’ citizens to not show our zeal

Regardless what we do, it’s all unheard
peaceful protests are for the birds
the truth is we’ll never be enough in this narrative
this Us Vs Them story that has become pervasive

They want us to be “good” citizens
even though they themselves don’t see us as equally human.

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