Goodbye, Good Riddance

I feel the melodic song 
Of that northern wind 
Saying to me, “the time has come 
To wake from the trance,”

And with a lump in my throat
I pick up the pieces; 
Organize them according to value 
And dispatch them all at once.

Because a pain stirs 
The vast depths of my soul 
And I see an emptiness 
I did not notice before,

It says with conviction: 
“It’s time to move on, 
It’s time to end the story,
It’s time to shut the door,”

Mainly to respond
To that bittersweet agony
Of having to leave 
What I once loved behind,

And to utter a cry 
To hear fading voices, 
To hide unspoken words, 
To finally: Paint the past blind.

This time it will not 
be like before, 
No convict memories 
Will again step outside the mind’s vault

Nor dark shaded daggers
Will pierce the heart 
Regurgitating the words 
“It was all your fault!”

For the mind and body 
Have found each other 
At the intersection 
Of motivation and tranquility

Where the dawn 
Of a new path 
Houses within its premises 
The true keys to life and verity.

And so, with a shattered smile 
I say on to you 
Past of mine, 
“Thank you for your time

Good riddance and goodbye 
We must separate now 
For if I were to linger any longer 
Against myself, I’d be committing a crime”

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