Gracious Follower

Photo taken in Lake Doucette, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Gracious Follower,
Who can you feel?
Did you know that I am not steering the wheel?
Don’t wake up yet, there still is time.
Predict the moment, citrus sweet, green lime.

Something smells, can you smell too?
Oh, that’s right, who are you?
I refuse to think.
I refuse to connect. 
I hope my actions, I soon forget.

Gracious Follower,
How much do you know?
Not physical, not existing.
Imagine empty, then fill it full.

Holding onto nothing, is difficult you see.
In the ocean, I float, it is just me.
Are you there? 
Into darkness I wonder, I stare.

Sun sets, another new day.
It is old, as a corpse, decay.
I accept you follower.
Gracious, right?
You are my will, my breath, my fight.

Until they are gone, no longer strong.
You are gone, alone all along.