Grapefruit Moon

I raise my eyes and I see a cracked plaster
On a ceiling, that is older than me.
This house is a mess, a one huge disaster,
But I keep it in its impurity.

I keep it as it is, because within those cracks
A million stars, a million years passing by,
A brief history of time, as it goes and wrecks.
One huge once white now whitish broken sky.

I look into it, it attracts me, as if I am
A little splinter of that plaster above.
Sometimes I wish I could just merge with them
In a tumult of everlasting delight and love.

I light my smoke, inhale and puff gently
Pour a drink and turn on a record player.
And everything around is all warm and friendly,
This is the home, my place, my lair.

And those cracks form a face that’s smiling
On a ceiling, that is older than me,
And the grapefruit moon, the one star shining
Is all that I can see…

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