We had expectations of one another 
 That we would


You, my depression
 In much the same way
 As I, your anxiety

We struggled together
 Two big fish
 Floundering for room to take each other in
 Our goblet-sized-world filled with rose-colored water
 Our vision for one another — tainted

We saw
 Never crystal clearly
 Somehow finding ourselves
 Something like bound together
 An understatement whispered
 Just low enough to fit in the crevices between us
 Admittedly I entered full of mystery
 You arrived with your share of unresolved history
 We were filled to our brims
 Barely able to contain our fervor for each other
 There were no catalysts needed to aid our combustion
 We were explosive

But someone had to hold steady
 One of us needed to negotiate the nuances
 No one would trudge through our aftermath
 I saw our demise
 Despite a scarlet shaded worldview
 I knew this would never end well

Watered by the same lust
 Which kept me swollen 
 Desiring a fantasy
 We were both too big for
 I wished for it too
 But knew better

Novelty kept us suspended amongst the stardust
 Reality as elusive as gravity
 Confined to our too-little-world
 Floating in the bliss of reckless passion
 Needing room to breathe
 Room to be
 We had expectations of one another
 That we would
 Hold tightly
 Never let go

But we never took time 
 To get a good grip

— enigma

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