He is More POWERFUL than GOD

A fool thinks himself to be GOD, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

Restive light flies amass around him, tattling his praises on a humid night.
A drunk motorist thanks his stars, taking vows never to touch the bottle.
A lone street light swells in pride, chuckling to himself
“I am God.”.
Ravenous vultures scavenge maimed bodies on a night that never seems to end.
Man’s creations lay in tatters as God shudders seeing the gruesome sight.
A scalding gun vanquishes a dying soldier chuckling to himself
“I am God.”
He strives to sift the sands of time, reechoing his history, ignorant of his follies.
He dominates with an iron hand, bending rules to suit his whims.
Man is great, he hacks his own leg with his axe, chuckling to himself
“I am God.”

Sijo - Korean poetic form: situation line 1, develops line 2, a twist line 3.
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