Memory of Summer” by Aikawa Ke (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


A swift breeze has
brought you from what you
knew to what you know now.

Quick, because
like a snowdrift hisses
away in the early spring

warmth, you start to
forget the blanket of insulating
frigidity, the lines of

fabric crisscrossing your body
like scales, candid sunshine
dappling down, blue and cold.

Now, as you adsorb this
tropical heat, it condenses
languidly on the skin, the

knife of eternal summer
going against the grain, stripping
and cleaning you around

the gills — your brilliance
scattered by steel. Gutted,
a once-mighty fish lies,

a shattered grimace of
unknowing death,
the ravaged flesh that feeds…

Eviscerated and agape,
blindly awaiting
that scarlet broth, boiling.

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