Heaven’s Bounty of the Heart

Empty those buckets of tears!
Crying as children, do you not see the sky?
Why do you cling so to such fears?
Have you not seen, don’t you know how to fly?

Cease your sorrow-sung wails!
Death is a lie, can’t you hear?
Do you know what it thus entails?
A passing from “here” unto “here”!

Why do you worry so over life?
It’s a dream, couldn’t you tell?
Why fill it so with petty strife?
As we make it, our own heaven-hell

Why don’t you love ever so more?
Romance and flesh your only pursuit?
Illusions that dry, God’s silliest chore!
He plays us on reverent flute

Caught up chasing shadows,
Why not give love a start?
Her call rings through soul’s deepest meadows…

…Heaven’s bounty of the heart

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