Hollow Man

I’m living inside my head.
To the outside world I’m dead.
I’ve lost my spark of life
I’m so frozen by my despair
The news doesn’t even cut like a knife
I’ve become accustomed to failure
Good for nothing is acceptable.
I hate myself so clearly
That everyone notices except me.
Wallowing in depression
All my efforts to get empathy
Habituated to laziness
Caused by my acting selfishly
But can I really say I’m selfish?
I act so self destructively.
I have no courage.
Have no will.
Have no energy for any length.
I have lost my hopes.
Shattered my dreams.
I’ve given up faith.
I’ve given into hate.
Impotent rage burning within me
When I see other people happy.
I can’t see my way out.
I disrespect me.
Insecurities eating me alive on the inside.
Fear of responsibility searing me on the outside.
Content to play victim
Hoping for a miracle.
Deluding myself that I’m great.
A masochistic tendency I try to sate.
With respect to others
I’m an imperfect mirror
Reflecting whatever I think is cool
And I’m the biggest fool.
I have no self identity
All my life I’ve been living a lie.
People wear masks to hide their souls.
I’ve lost my soul, I’ve become the mask.
No matter how much depth I portray on the outside
The truth is that there’s nothing on the inside.