I remembered the coconut trees

Standing strong against all tyranny

The green grass and the lovely yard

The place that I once loved before it fell apart

Home, at last, I am speaking of you

And I apologize for my absence long overdue

I miss you.

Reminiscing of the sunsets,

The moon, the sky, the stars marvelously set

The most exotic location one can see

Come take a glimpse at real epiphany

I can recall the joyous barks of dogs,

The smiling faces of the children,

The density of Fall’s fog,

And yes nostalgia is settling in,

The endless talks with peasants,

The simple joys of the moment.

Mother, father, brothers close together

Even strangers take notice of one another.

I remembered home, sane and pretty

As cheery as the midnight breeze,

My soul felt free to roam its outmost splendor

Home, at last, I am speaking of you,

I can’t wait for a sooner rendezvous

Home, where my heart can be at ease.

With its glorious past and ardent fervor,

Tears of humility are falling and I could not feel even more proud,

Of this place, this sumptuous land, and like a loyal warrior,

I vow for its full protection, I am ready to sing its national anthem out loud

Home, at last, I am speaking of you

A stupendous sanctuary where love never ends.

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