horrifying moments of truth

15 days of riding, 60 of hiding, and now on the wall like a mirror

he saw his face, in a visible space, asking each on the train to play juror

now or never, sometimes that day comes, his energies massed in his organs

he tried to remember the stocks and the cash, the m-funds and JP’s and Morgans

His family in his brain, his religion screaming loudly, his pride and his fear tearing water

should he stand up, should he go disappear, should he cry for his son or his daughter

those are the moments when you know what you’re made of, those are the dots of forever

the soul hums its melody, the heart stretches sideways, the mind parts its ways with what’s clever

he thought of the passengers, the ones he didn’t know, he couldn’t risk looking their direction

and instead of settling for whatever felt comfortable, he flipped the switch in his chest towards perfection.