How Life Unpacks

Photo from Unslpash

Knotty are the trappings of Life. Holiday adornments slapped on the undusted molding of a trying house.


Life raises a fluted glass to your disquiet harmonies.

Life is a sloppy tenant. It loses the things it hides and carelessly decorates in mask of hospitality. Uneasy at the sight of blood or anything that demonstrates vitality, it packs away someday-dreams.

Life phantoms in the house past you to the walls where it drapes itself like a cobweb. There it hangs with the rest of the fabric thought.

Then some sparkling cloud poofs, bespeaking a heart unboxed from the attic. The box throbs; a swelling in the air. In chalky light, the box heaves to upend blasé.

Life harbors a breathless moment here. A crouching child, it watches from that flattened wall.

Pulsing agitates the air and Life’s soul emerges from cardboard, limp at the corners. Fearful of living and breakable things — Life cowers, face to the floor, unable to look at Life-blood:

Life’s own soul who throws open all the curtains and doors and puts plants on every mantle. It comes and goes and brings friends into a now-animated house.

Life slowly lifts It’s head — sometimes curious, sometimes lonely at the sound of laughter. Hidden dreams begin unfolding at the Life-blood’s prompt and presence.

With arthritic manners Life rises and pours glasses of water for things that throb and things that beat, until Life Itself starts to hear a low rhythm echoing inside.

So Life starts living again.