Hurt By Love & Killed By Time

Time to me has not been fair, 
God for me has ceased to care. 
He played this brutal joke on us, 
Expecting me not to scream and cuss. 
He made me love when she didn’t care, 
And now when she does, the distance is too hard to bear.
I left without saying goodbye, 
Seeing her face would make all my resolves die.
I walk alone on these foreign streets, 
Each corner I expect to her meet. 
To make a place in the world I’d come so far,
Yet now I feel like those fallen stars.
To be worthy of her I’d made this trip, 
Not expecting that the coins would flip. 
The hurt from the distance continues to prick, 
I wait as time passes with the clocks tick. 
My love for her had driven me here, 
I wish I’d said 'I love You' when she was near. 
My eyes well up with fresh tears, 
As I’m forced to live the worst of my fears.

-Babar Mir

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