I crossed that line

looking up at her face

a brand new goddess, giver of life, muse of my soul

walking hand in hand

pressing weird nebulous adult things

down on me

guidance, discipline, responsibility they call it

let go, i’ll be fine

late-night calls, care packages, holidays back home

scary crappy liberating world

made it got a raise bought a house my first patent ran the racetrack with the big boys yeah and sailed around the world on a dream

not sure i look as good as her though, not that good at small talk

they always hit on all the other girls

took damn long enough but i’ve found him, mom

i think you’ll like him

a new seed

little wriggling salsa dancer deep inside

never worked so damn hard in my life

weeing screaming burping gurgling purring snuggling

never felt a love so crazy deep

the world can go to hell i’ve got you my little one

i crossed that line

i’m a mother now mom

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