Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash

I Exist

In the halfway, the almost, the albeit;
in anastrophes, anaphoras
& pluperfect tenses.

I exist in the yawn of dawn;
in the outer space
between hiccups

In the orbit of a moonlet
looting light from Saturn’s halo
to irradiate its dark side.

I exist in the sands of time
trickling down death’s hourglass

In the ashes of an immolated star
sacrificed for cosmic propaganda

In the line breaks of poems
where I pause to catch my breath,
a fugitive on the run from life.

I exist in the kilojoules of sun;
in the volts of lightning bolts

In the tails of flaming comets
blazing trails to the empyrean

In the flutter of butterfly wings
triggering tornadoes in Morocco

In the ricochet of true love’s kiss
flying first through meteor showers
before landing on your lips.

I exist in the maybe — 
the no-man’s-land where
yes and no squabble
like alley cats

In the final o of a dying echo,
in the séance to resurrect
its original voice.

In the always, the evermore
in the nowhere, the neverwhere

I exist.

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