I forgive you

I loved you. Regardless of you.

Turbulent — my life with you.

Too many issues. Surrounded you.

It would take a miracle. That much I knew.

But you went on. Like the wind. Gone.

And I stayed on — loving you.

No one knew. Not even you.

Stranded. I stood — waiting for you.

You never came. To forever claim.

No name — this flame — that burned for you.

It took a while. Some error. Some trial.

I moved on — picked up my pile.

The higher you flew. The stronger I grew.

In our own dimensions — we broke on through.

Until today. Out of the blue — there you were.

I met you.

Hey you, I said. I remember you.

You stood silent. Overwhelmed for a few.

Then like a confession. Long overdue.

You admitted. You said — I do too.

In that moment — we both learned, a lesson true.

You did — what you had to.

I learned what I needed to.

Eventually, it worked out well — For me and you.

So Listen. Relax. I thank you.

And in case, this flash back, is bothering you.

Please forget it. I forgive you.

Originally published at tasneemkagalwalla.blogspot.com on March 24, 2016.

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