Elemental capacity mixed and pressed
between solids higher and tighter

refraction waning, overcast
sweeping past panes and engulfing rooms

slick black beads formed and falling
wiped away, precisely lacking form

essential weight thumping, ceaseless
turning up tracks
velocitizing, momentumation 
nearly heaving to a stop

woozy wreckage, incandescent
beams worn bare and thinning bone

sideways shore expelling stones 
salt blistered and molten striped.


Easy unrivalled parallel of time
set and staring

ushering without temperance or curiosity 
wasted over cinderblocks, wavering

hovering close and merging with the sea uncontrollable

surrounding or enclosing allying softness 
peering, drawing in, closing in calm

swiftly, swifter than expected
insignificance faltering without fit or form

beside burning cheeks and hot eyes
sustained aching, sustaining aches.

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