I or ME?

What am I — a real reflection of myself
Or mirage image to fit in the worldly shelf?
I ask this question daily,
But I don’t know whether I ever answer it truly.

Things sometimes get hazy,
I cannot look ahead.
Time stops for a while,
And I don’t know what to expect ahead.

Life seems like a cobweb,
Spun by me and I myself am stuck.
Where to go and what to do,
Stuck in my own complex threads, I feel helpless.

Had I been always like this,
Or it’s the fog I created recently.
It’s the fog that’s in front of my eyes,
Or am I going blind?

I don’t know the answers,
Are these questions even valid, I am confused!
The point is not to have all answers,
Perhaps I am looking for right questions.

What is me & What is not me?
I don’t know.
Sometimes I am you and you are me,
I don’t know.

~Puneet Choudhary

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