If; Then (We)

If all eternity is now, then I wonder
are you and I still “we” not just today
but then too
and I wonder if either/or is not fact and
and I wonder if sometimes you lie awake
and not know how to lose me too, if your heart
trembled when you said
you too were, are, am, is; afraid.

If all the universe and all worlds are yet
to be created, then I wonder
if “we” is not a fleeting dream of a second chance,
but a tangible, breathing, pulsing reality
like you and me collapsed in awestruck silence
you and me in the moment you look at me
you and me when you hold me not like a gift
but like a drowning man.

If all words are now then I wonder
if “us” lasts beyond this and “we”
remains welded in the fire.

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