Immensely Blessed

I do not know Islam and I do not know you

But when, on my morning run, I saw you

I was reminded of the familiar touch of love

The love that loves absolutely

Three generations of Muslim men

Sons, father, grandfather

Your hearts ache with gratitude

For the silken angel wings that still protect you

With hands folded over one anothers shoulders

You give and receive thanks for the broken fast

These days of ritual must have helped to mend you

But how do you return to a world lost to itself?

Your existence is not an apology

Your peace is not a cause for concern

Your hope is not a burden to bear alone

Your grief is not bolder to be lifted alone

Violence may be as old and wise as time

And is an affliction we do not know how to live without

Yet through it still shines the will to love and be loved

And through that shines what the devout call God

I pray with you even though I do not know how

I pray with you even though I do not know why

I pray with you even though I may not be heard

So that the next time our paths cross

I have the courage

To tell you









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