In Cove

A barista discussed the highs and lows
of pressure when pouring espresso
And all I wanted was to have a drink
She was beautiful, tattooed with flowers up her arms 
that hid her younger self’s scars
And the phrase “A flower among stones”
I was in from the sea that morning
Due to head out in two weeks time
I wanted to forget the smell of salt for one minute
And warm myself with someone else
Fire and heating elements never warm you the right way
Sleeping on solid earth never feels the same
after being rocked to sleep by the entire planet
she pulled a guitar down and began to play in the empty cafe
We sang along to the old folk tunes of the island
and the new ones on the radio
Music rides well among waves
She talked of “is this all there is”
We agreed that it was, but it was what you made it
I stayed there until close the only one inside that day
and stayed with her that night
She makes a great cup and better company
Worth owning my own boat for

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