In The Wake Of You

Sometimes, your departure still feels fresh

Love, you were cradled by failure in ways no one could prepare for
Time was of no significance

Around you, temporary madness revolved
Glorious uncertainty demanded attention
I was swallowed whole in your development

To have and hold
An impossibility by second trimester
Love, you had come
Cast ripples, shaken peace to pieces, and gone

Some nights now
Crimson tides call me from slumber
I remember you in guilt
Fault never tries hard
Finds me feigning pleasure in the wake of you

In the dark I ponder your looks
How deeply your brow would furrow
Which side of your smile would remain static
The sound of your cry
Color of your skin, your eyes
The unsteady elegance in your gait

I consider all you could have been
What you wouldn’t
Quirks we would have laughed over
Qualms we would have fought under
Similarities, differences, moments of perfection
The days, the ways I should be discovering to say that I love you
Today, your departure still feels fresh

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