Inside a broken castle

Inside an old castle

The walls are pealing out

Gone is the king, Gone is the queen

Their only remain, remains is the princess,

Now the queen

Alone sits the princess in her lush gown

Alone cries the princess with her mighty crown

Gone are the smiles, gone are the joys,

leaving her with just frowns,

Gone are her parents with a massive sacrifice

Left is the princess surrounded by walls up so high

The princess has to get up

She has an army to head,

The kingdom is looking up to her, they need someone to lead.

She wipes her tears

Stands up tall

Straightens her back

Walks towards the door

She looks upon her kingdom with emotionless eyes

Takes a deep breath and orders to fight,

To fight like they never fought before

To fight and to make her parent’s sacrifice glow bright

Soldiers die, towns get destroyed but still the little kingdom fights

Finally glows the sun in full blast

Victory is what they receive atlas

The princess smiles

because even though they won this war

She is the one who actually lost it all.

Being 1nsane ;)

Originally published at on November 6, 2015.

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