O drama scenes

Stages of sets on elevated platforms

Artist as we are

Carve paths within episodes

Written inks of our toils

Climax and twist turbulent as the sea

Emotions fallen as the rain

Deep rumbling chaos

Clustered web of opaque sets

Footprints traced are foggy lidded

A sleepwalk through these lines

Whimpers caught in rush of winds

Words scattered as goose feet

Between the falls of water

Motions held in drooping eyes

Of sinking stones

Within gasping seconds

Stuck in monologues

These scenes you became

Sketched paths from within dusky evenings

Chase stars in eerie nights

Swallowed in curtains of shadowy corridors

In breathless silence you pulse

Lights gone as fireflies

In the wake of groggy dawn

Pages of frosty morning

Dramas and twisting vines

Whispers in foggy lanes

Lost in colloids of faces

Interludes of a Play

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