Print your foot on my heart, right where you stepped on it

It snowed here, finally

So to say, unexpectedly.

The streetlights orangely ignite

The restless fire of the night

And while the snowflakes

Slowly circle to the ground

I circle around the answer

I had promised to myself

Another night so lonely —

Twenty and alone, naturally

…or just out of sheer practice

Probable and uncertain

Or maybe just bitter

Or maybe just a little…sad.

So many footprints

Different ones at that

How many feet have felt the way mine do

And maybe two of these belong to you…

And maybe I will sway in soft roundabouts

In a swift dance

Alone under that stars

Under the falling snow

I will stand tall


You. Don’t you call me.

Don’t you dare to say my name

To other people that don’t know me

It’s all the same..

It’s rather all the same.

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