It started in the kitchen

Image obtained through CC

It started in the kitchen
when your gaze fell upon my hips
your eyes seeking fire
how could I resist

You made your way over 
starting with a passionate kiss
lips longing for attention
I knew I wanted to persist

As our tongues were intertwining
your hands now caressing my back
I felt my pulse quicken
as you whispered “ just relax”

I let your lips seduce me
feeling your intensity along my neck
electricity now building
as I attempt to keep my self in check

Your hands glide all over me
I moan a cheeky “ yes”
you carry me to the table
where you continue to caress

Your kissing me deeply
tongue melting my finesse
my legs tightly gripped around you
as you continue to impress

Your hands beneath my body
your head buried deep
my torso now convulsing
as you continue to make me weep

My hands grip the table
I look up to catch your glance
your rhythm makes me move
to the pace of your demands

You begin to grip me tighter
as I arch my back involuntarily
the pace is now unstoppable
as you unlock my Hail -Mary

It started in the kitchen
when your gaze fell upon my hips
it finished on the table
where I lay in utter bliss

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