Job Ad: Hero Needed [Only the brave need apply]


Psst Psst
I’m placing an ad in the Cyberspace Announcer
calling for a digital carouser,
a patriotic Rebel Rouser:

Please come help humanity survive 
while we’re waiting for a new world to arrive

Evil bastards are standing tall
hedging bets for civilisation to fall
plotting then to steal it all

The description is of a Noble Savage
to cause some real & lasting damage
to wrap up & dispose in bandage

A true blue Buccaneer
to kill fake news & policies of fear
& steer our Earth-ship into the clear

Fight for Human Rights that are ours alone
worthy of defending to our last living bone

Rebel Rouser if this is you,
meet me behind the Pentagon gate at 2
& help us defeat Cardinal Richelieu