Closer, closer
It’s getting closer
Can you feel it?
Something big is coming
Something greater than us
Something beyond us
Beyond our control
It comes in waves
In floods
Bursts of lightning thunder and rain
Can you see that on the horizon?
The clouds are swelling
Heavy and full to the point of bursting
Ready to release all the secrets they hold
The expectations, the dreams
Are you ready?
Just breathe
Even the mountains are shuddering
Did you feel that?
It’s here

You have forty rules to guide you
Universal laws to drive you
When the cards tell you to let go
Let go
When the tea leaves tell you to embrace
There is uncharted territory waiting to be explored
Begging to me mapped
Waiting for the right conqueror to claim its treasures
Its secrets
Its gifts
To turn its mountains into poetry
And its valleys into prose
To turn its rivers into music
And its seas into song
All that is required of you is to jump
Just breathe
And jump.

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