(just another version of) The next time we meet…

Next time we meet
Let’s keep our clothes on.
For you can see me
Through the white of my shirt
And I can feel you, your heat
As you draw circles. Play and tease.
Some with your fingers. Some with your teeth.
Gasp! This fire underneath
Stop! I need to breathe
I push you off. Only to sit across.
Pretending to adjust my shirt
As I stretch the width of my skirt
I flaunt. I flirt.
You look at me. This feisty feast.
Naked eyes meet.
In synchrony now. Hungry heartbeats.
Who has the time then?
To unbutton. Unzip.
Make it under the sheets
We grope. We grab.
Search for bare skin
Until love….
Love finds a way in. 
We’re now complete.
You see darling… so I repeat
Let’s keep our clothes on
The next time we meet.

I had to do this. I had an overdose of inspiration from Wild Flower, Heath Houston, Tamyka Bell and Mike Essig. Thank you all. :)

Prompt: next time we meet let’s keep our clothes on

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