Knight arrant

For how long more 
must this farce go 
on? — power play
on lewd display: 
etched in strokes bold 
as they are old:
frieze fade upshot
 — blood’s blot snapshot
of clot left mind’s
eye, struck by blind 
champing at bit;
march to red-writ 
carnage in trite
page — in hindsight
less harsh in line,
tone, with scant sign
of melted core
 — festering sore
that has vanished
not, unvanquished — 
hot-fleshed, freshet
dyes dark scarlet,
bristles challenge
slight to avenge
with consummate
skill, sword-edge sate:
to slaughter schooled,
by pogrom ruled
– the matchless thrill
of sanctioned kill — 
death incarnate: 
penchant for hate 
venom innate
spiteful in spate
naught can abate
save a cleaved pate
 — or cleft in nates
(more fitting fate)
 — wishful thinking 
straw-clutched, sinking — 
(though enamored
with oft-snuffed breath 
of courted death, 
keeps it away
till brought to bay) 
demigod, bolt
 — white lightning jolt — 
black-hearted cloud
on common crowd 
unleashed, with air
gay, debonair
 — in dazzling garb, 
with subtle barb
sight snags, impales 
where mere might fails: 
quiver of darts
roles poles apart
 — yet each precise — 
plays, for right price: 
champion cause
never gave pause; 
stamping centaur
 — bold exemplar, 
satyric bent
matched by intent
all else to brand
subject to hand
that knows no guise 
than mail-clad vise; 
able to blench
with fear-sour stench 
one, all, alone: 
ensconced on throne 
set square on back
of hopeless lack
 — benighted, rides, 
troth plighted, pride 
forging to fore
now as of yore, 
blighting the bright
 — its brave twilight
in eclipse cast:
to erase past
of all, all, all,
beyond recall,
ambition — sole
aim, only goal — 
with darker dawn
let loose the spawn
that in abyss,
dormant, for this
lay through ages 
uncounted — wage
for which will knee
of king bend, free
no more — abject, 
downtrod, subject
to all abuse
that time accrues, 
making despot
mere chamberpot
of curdled cess
 — fruit of success
right to impress
new strains of stress; 
the chance to use 
atrophied thews
once more, old scores 
to settle, sores
reopen — raw 
reminders law 
untamed and wild 
scorns measures mild, 
demands full scope
of hangman’s rope 
to keep John Doe 
on tippy-toe 
(except, perhaps, 
grand scale of lapse 
deserves special 
terms: acquittal)
 — it being meet
that justice sweet 
strangle at birth
the weak, less worth — 
greetings extend
to revived trend
of greats and gods 
and odds-on sods
 — put spurs to steed 
and forward speed, 
saber swift drawn: 
life’s veil torn, shorn 
of dance and song, 
not for the strong — 
history’s flood
the flow of blood —

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