Knowledge Center

by m.s.wardrip

Granny's old house.

Falls from trees break arms.

Chops from axes cut ankles.

Gasoline in the eye burns.

Worms taste bad.

Bugs roll dung.

Old dogs die.

Young dogs die.

Winter is cold.

Summer is hot.

Rains flood the cellar.

A vinyl Naugahyde recliner and prayer book is enough.

A kitchen with a hand pump for water.

A hand dug cistern for water.

A gutter system to channel rainwater.

Fruit trees break and cause broken arms.

God sees everything you do.

God will help you of you ask Him to.

Life is good if you apply yourself.

Pears taste good.

Concord grapes taste good.

Strawberries taste good.

Blackberries taste good.

Vicks salve in a towel around the neck cures a cold.

Hot chicken noodle soup cure any Winter illness.

If you want a chicken for supper, chop it’s head off in the morning.

HeeHaw came on at night.

Warm Morning auto auger system of the coal stove kept us warm.

Granny would tell you where to sit for maximum benefit.

Granny would read the Bible.

Grandaddy’s truck was a tool, a piece of farm machinery.

Granny would scold him for speeding at over 30 miles per hour.

Umbrellas don’t work as parachutes.

The neighbors are customers.

The neighbors are friends.

The neighbors are helpful.

We must help the neighbors.

Together, we are a community.

We speak well of each other.

We help each other.

We help and we receive help.

We are proud of ourselves because we try to get it right.

Right is might.

Knowledge is essential.

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