Photo credit: Lukas Budimaier

Land of Broken Dreams

This is the land of broken dreams
feel free to walk your favourite plank
for nothing here is as it seems
that’s why the new-born baby screams

this is your gift of life on earth
and if you’re gobsmacked, staring blank
the only way’s to birth again
in consciousness for all it’s worth

this is the fast-track, you are here
to learn we’re all of equal rank
so treating all with love, not fear
will underpin your new career

where love is unconditional
match-funded by the cosmic bank
illusions are provisional
and justice unequivocal

this is the land of happy dreams
to which you rise from where you sank
the inner gives you all the means
and grace enlivens all the scenes

this is the end of all the dreams
as light dispels the dark and dank
and now your mind is sharp and lean
feel free to junk the memes.

© Joshua Bond 2015

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