Lev’l grounds

this little piggy listened radio, this little piggy watched shows

First little piggy was bright-eyed to go, the other had flowers up his nose

One piggy woke up with stars up above, the other with covers and sunshine

One piggy looked for a farm-mate to love, the other sought his own truffle-mine

The second little piggy he loved to tell jokes, the first kept his nose in the books

The second little piggy grew a belly for pokes, the first jumped the mudpiles and brooks

One piggy’s standing, the other’s snout down, one piggy feels it, the other might frown

one piggy rinsed out his cup every night, the other grew new molds of food

One piggy upright was fresh for each fight, the other mustered something if in the mood

One Cochine brimmed with a tank still quite full, the other felt leaked of his mojo

One oinker smiled romping fast, paid his toll, the other hated feeling like a yo-yo

one piggy wondered why all that he saw was a drop off so very far down

the other piggy offered a drink from his well, and pranced all the while on lev’l ground

-Thanks Lord for ability to write, thanks reader for reading!

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